The Ideal Intranet Solution

Improve Inter-Office Communications and Productivity

Larger enterprises employ a large workforce, and as a result, their internal network shares can get cluttered pretty quickly. This makes finding specific files and collaborating internally somewhat challenging. However, they are typically able to dedicate entire teams of programmers to finding a solution that works for their needs. Your medium-sized business may have the same document management and collaboration needs, but it’s difficult to allocate the necessary resources to implement an ideal solution. We can help address this challenge by deploying an intranet solution managed by your business for your business.

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Maintain Business Continuity with our Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Implement a data recovery solution as part of a concise business continuity plan.

Most of the documents your employees rely on to make your business run today are of the digital variety. Consider the files that are stored on your employees' computers or the network. Everything is typically stored on a central hard drive or a server to make the operation of your business simple and efficient for multiple users. The problem is that by making the data easy to access, you face a high-degree of risk. Hard drives fail all the time, and tape backup is costly and inefficient, so having a comprehensive backup plan that takes into consideration the amount of data and the time it takes to restore the data is a must for any size organization.

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Host Your Server and Infrastructure in the Cloud

Keep Your Sensitive Data Safe in the Cloud

Personal cloud storage solutions may not be the right choice for business

Having the ability to share information securely is one of the most essential variables to a successful workflow. Versioning capabilities also allow your organization an interface to expand your team's collaborative and cooperative reach. Customizable administrative options give you full control over your environment, including options for identity management, security settings, and many other useful capabilities designed to provide safe, flexible options for your organization's file sharing.

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Benefits of Managed IT


Download our 10 Benefits of Managed IT Services white paper to discover the value we provide!

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Is Your Data Safe?

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