We Offer Cloud Email, Communications, and Infrastructure

Cloud IT Solutions

Cloud Services will save you money and increase efficiency.

Companies are starting to utilize cloud services in higher concentrations. The recent boom in the capabilities of utility computing in the cloud presents many midsized businesses with alternative ways of substantially enhancing production anywhere there is Internet access. Cloud computing presents solutions for many of your businesses problems: from e-mail, to communications, to a full-scaled hosted infrastructure. Cloud computing is presenting companies of all sized considerable benefits.

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We Offer the Microsoft Office Cloud-Based Productivity Suite

More for your money

With low upfront costs and the flexibility to add users and services as needed, Office 365 provides the ROI you need to succeed.

For small and midsized businesses, the Microsoft Office productivity suite is a staple in your software cupboard. Consider how much you have paid for each software license. How would you feel about spending a fraction of the cost for the entire Microsoft Office productivity suite, and with it, get some of the most revolutionary collaboration tools available?

Infracore is proud to offer the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite to midsized businesses. Per user monthly billing rather than the traditional per machine rate, significantly reduces the amount your organization has to spend to get the same productivity suite that you are used to.

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Achieve Efficiency by Virtualizing Your Company's Infrastructure

Move Your Company's Hardware to the Cloud

Take your server to the cloud and eliminate hardware and utility expenses.

Our experienced technology professionals at Infracore are regularly searching for ways to help our clients cut costs and improve efficiency. One way to achieve this is to transition key segments of business computing to the cloud. By removing the requirement of owning your company's computing infrastructure, we are routinely able to substantially cut your enterprise's energy, maintenance and equipment costs . Our proficiency with our assessment and are deep understanding of the enterprise cloud solutions, presents companies like yours with sustainable IT roadmaps that were never considered viable before.

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Allow Your Employees to Access Data From Anywhere

Customized Desktop Environment for Business

Introducing your desktop delivered from the cloud.

Business owners and executives are always looking to save money. By using virtualization techniques it is possible to load all of your essential programs into a cloud environment, and then deliver them, on your employees workstations. Centralizing a worker’s digital environment in the cloud allows workers to access the data they need from all types of devices using a web browser including smartphones and tablets. This minimizes the cost of support.

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Benefits of Managed IT


Download our 10 Benefits of Managed IT Services white paper to discover the value we provide!

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